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How to transform traditional logistics into intelligent logistics


  In recent years, by“Internet +”Wave swept, all walks of life intelligence is accelerating, the troubled logistics industry is no exception. In the high cost of manpower, frequent overload operation of the logistics center forced the logistics industry restructuring intelligent logistics, to become the development trend.

  Intelligent logistics can be understood as the use of advanced Internet technology such as bar code, radio frequency identification, sensor, GPS and other basic activities such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading through the information processing and network communication technology platform , Realize the automatic operation of freight transportation process and optimize management with high efficiency, improve the service level of the logistics industry, reduce the cost and reduce the consumption of natural resources and social resources.

  There are three stages in the development of intelligent logistics:


  ■The first phase emphasizes the information system and intelligent logistics system, the scope is limited to the optimization of the logistics system.

  ■The second stage is the logistics service involved in the supply chain management of the owner, to provide procurement, distribution services for the owner, emphasizing the transformation of logistics on the production and sale of circulation.

  ■The third phase of the logistics sector further upstream into the production process, through its supply chain information portal to help producers achieve“industry4 .0”Under the system“Flexible production”。

  Intelligent Logistics Rising Background and Policy Environment:


  ■Compared with the traditional logistics industry, intelligent logistics make full use of Internet technology, can provide high efficiency, low cost, high quality level and green service. At present, the economy of our country is entering the driving force with the optimization of economic structure and industrial innovation as the core, characterized by the improvement of quality and efficiency“New normal”。In the new economic normal, the logistics industry also needs to conform to the traditional transformation to the modern, which is an important foundation for the birth of intelligent logistics. At the same time, the high costs and high-load dilemmas that exist in the logistics industry accelerate their transformation into the logistics industry“catalyst”。

  ■Based on the above background, our country has also promulgated a number of policies to encourage the development of intelligent logistics. For example, the "Medium and Long-Term Logistics Development Plan 2014-2020" issued by the State Council in September 2014 also proposed to speed up the development of public information platform for transportation logistics , Promoting 12 key tasks such as intermodal transport, logistics park, agricultural products logistics, manufacturing business flow and supply chain management; on June 1. 2015. the website of the Ministry of Commerce released the "National Distribution Node Urban Distribution Plan (2015-2020), aiming at speeding up the construction of a nationwide backbone distribution network, making efforts to enhance the urban functions of the circulation nodes, giving better play to the basic and leading role of the circulation industry and further releasing the spending power.

  ■enter“Thirteen five”Rear,in“the Internet+”Continued to promote the development of industrial intelligence under the environment, smart logistics will also benefit from a number of policies.

  Interpretation of the development of domestic intelligent logistics:


  According to a public report, in recent years, the domestic smart logistics industry has witnessed a rapid development. In 2014. the scale of the smart logistics market exceeded 180 billion yuan, an increase of 26% over the same period of previous year, reaching the highest growth rate in recent years. The popularization of the Internet, the rise of fresh electricity suppliers and the cross-border e-commerce model are the major driving forces behind the continuous growth of smart logistics.

  ■First of all, Internet technology provides a powerful means for the traditional logistics industry to transform into a smart service industry, such as big data technology and cloud computing.

  ■Second, the rise of the fresh electricity supplier market has driven the development of fresh logistics. The latter requires the logistics industry to transform the intelligent logistics to improve the efficiency of transportation and reduce the transportation costs.

  ■Finally, the rise of cross-border e-commerce market demands logistics enterprises in the global distribution of efficient logistics service network, intelligent logistics has become an inevitable choice.

  Intelligent Logistics Forecast:


  In summary, experts believe that intelligent logistics in the next five years or even longer, have great potential for development. Taking into account the logistics is an online operation and offline operations closely linked to the industry, the shipper, logistics companies and truck drivers can not be missing any one aspect, so have a complete logistics O2O closed-loop companies will have greater competitive advantage in the future, Worth investors layout.