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Steel Pallet




Q235B Steel

Surface Treatment

Powder Coating


ISO14001/ ISO9001

Product Description

Steel Pallet

The basic structure of the steel pallet is composed of longitudinal beams or pads under single-layer plank, and outriggers,etc. It is mainly divided into two-way fork steel pallets and four-way fork steel pallets in terms of structure. It is mainly used for ground storage, racking storage and cargo intermodal turnover. The pallet's fork height needs to be matched with forklifts, pallet trucks and stacker forks to ease the operation and specific size can be customized. It is used in retail stores, shops and warehouses to facilitate the movement of goods.


1. Made of high-quality steel, stable and durable, with good loading capacity.

2. The appearance is beautiful; the surface is galvanized and electrostatically sprayed, with long service life and maintenance-free.

3. Steel pallets are convenient for cargo storage and are suitable for forklifts.

4. It can be customized according to the load capacity and size.

5. Steel pallets are widely used in various fields like machinery, chemical, medicine, textile, foods and logistics.

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