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Drive In Racking


Drive In Racking is composed of end frame,brackets,top beam,horizontal brace,etc. It’s an ideal choice for storing goods at single-variety and large-volume. It’s an integral rack that is not divided into aisles, which adopts pallets access model with various types of forklift and pallets.Forklift can drive-through aisles to load/unload pallets. The storage density of drive in rack is high and the space utilization rate can reach about 80%. Compared with selective racks, the space utilization rate is more than 30%. The drive in rack is often used in cold storage,food,tobacco and other warehouses with higher storage space costs.


1. Suitable for goods with few varieties and large quantities, especially standard goods;

2. The space utilization rate of the warehouse is very high, up to about 80%;

3. Each channel is composed of several layers of pallet support rails. Pallets are placed one by one on the pallet support rails;

4. The first-in-last-out access process can meet the requirements of one side in and out or two sides in and out.

5. Top and back bracing are used to fix the whole racking, making the racking stable and safe.