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Shuttle Racking


Shuttle Racking is evolved from the drive-in rack, but the forklift does not need to drive into the rack, the outer palletsare reversed by the forklift, and the internal pallets are accessed by the shuttle car. When in stock, the palletized goods are placed in the fore-end of a certain channel and a certain layer of rails in the rack area by a forklift, and the palletized goods are transported to the channel by a remote control. The palletized goods are then removed by a forklift.


1. Optimum space utilization can reduce warehouse area,and consequently reduce land costs.

2. Automated systems reduce the number of personnel while minimizing the cost of forklift maintenance and usage.

3. Prevent staff from entering the inside of the rack and effectively prevent safety accidents.

4. Shuttle cart and forklift can work simultaneously to reduce cycle time to load or unload pallets.

5. Power automation system reduces energy consumption and saves costs, especially for cold storage.