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Medium Duty Warehouse Storage Rack



Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spraying


ISO14001/ ISO9001



Product Description

The Medium Duty Rack

It is consisted of frames, beams and panel. The Medium Duty Rack can be decked with particle board, wire decking, Zinc steel panel, rolling metal decking to make them ideal for many different environments. Medium-duty racks are assembled structure, low cost and easy to install and disassemble. Application: E-commerce, shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses of enterprises and institutions, etc.


1. Cold rolling C-type post, better loading capacity than angle steel one, nice appearance.

2. Plug-in structure, easy and quick for assembling.

3. Layer height is adjustable by 25mm and storage space can be taken full advantage by the usage of separators on each layer.

4. Closed structure from bottom level to the ground to prevent tiny objects from going inside.

5. Backing cladding, side cladding and frame are assembled perfectly, easy for fixing and better appearance.

6. Rubber base plate to be equipped for post, to protect the ground from wearing during installation and movement of shelves.

7. Shelf depth varies from 168mm to 1216mm to suit a variety of requests.

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