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Warehouse Flow-through Pallet Racking




Q235B Steel

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spraying


ISO14001/ ISO9001

Product Description

Flow-through Racking

Flow-through Racking is installed with a certain slope between the front and rear beams, forming a plurality of parallel slides. The installation inclination depends on the size of the rack, the weight of the goods and the depth of the flow rail. The distance between the slides is adjustable, adjacent to each other. Separating rods or dividing plates can be set between the slideways to facilitate the guidance of the goods when they slide down. Relying on the weight of the goods to achieve first-in first-out, convenient storage, suitable for short-term storage and picking of box-type goods, especially suitable for process conversion on both sides of the assembly line, picking operations in distribution centers, and warehouses with high shipping frequency.


1. CE & ISO quality certification

2. Depth 800~3000mm, height less than 2500mm, loading capacity 1000kg/layer.

3. Adopt aluminum or steel roller rail system.

4. Under the influence of gravity, the goods implement "first in first out".

5. Easy to enter and exit, suitable for both sides of the assembly line, distribution centers , etc.

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