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ASRS Fully Automated Warehouse System




Q235B Steel

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spraying


ISO14001/ ISO9001

Product Description

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

ASRS consists of Racking System,stacker system,conveying system, management control system. The system represents the most advanced automation technology in the logistics industry. AS/RS is widely used in chemical industry, electronics, food, textile, pharmaceutical, transportation, etc. Rongda Group has built hundreds of automated three-dimensional warehouses, among which AS/RS shelves have always been a strong product of Rongda Group, with good quality and high precision, and have been widely verified.



1. Significant improvement in operating efficiency and storage capacity.

2. Reduction of work-in-progress inventory.

3. Improvements in quality and just-in-time performance.

4. Provides make-to-order capability in addition to make-to-inventory production.

5. Inventory control and instant reporting function.

6. The use of robotic cranes allows racking to be built several stories high in almost any length, providing higher storage density than almost any other storage solution.


Advantages of RONNDE

1. Competitive price: Compared to the same quality.

2. One-stop service: Professional team provides guidance.

3. Personalized customization: Products and packaging can be customized as required.

4. Stable delivery: On-time delivery as agreed in the contract.