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China Manufacturer Gravity Racking for Warehouse




Q235B Steel

Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spraying


ISO14001/ ISO9001

Product Description

Gravity Racking

Gravity rack is composed of endframes, beams,rollers,guide plates,buffer devices,etc. and is suitable to store pallets. The rack channel has a certain slope, and the palletized goods are delivered to loading side by forklift, then slide to unloading side at the gravity purpose. It is suitable for the FIFO ( First in, first out) goods storage at large quantities but few varieties, and rack depth and number of layers are customized.


1. Under the influence of gravity, the goods implement "first in first out".

2. It is suitable for storing a large number of similar goods and making full use of storage space.

3. Save storage space by 35%-65% compared with the same type of pallet rack.

4. Adopt unpowered straight roller sliding support, no other driving device is needed, effectively reducing costs.

Advantages of RONNDE

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